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Amontec JTAGkey

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OpenOCD project

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Amontec JTAGkey JTAGkey2
Generic USB to JTAG Dongle
Based on FTDI FT2232
Amontec JTAG Pinout
Including Official ARM 20-pin Connector ( JTAG Pin-out )
Amontec JTAG Accelerator
Now fully supported by OpenOCD JTAG software.
Amontec sdk4arm
Software Dev. Kit for ARM
Eclipse - GCC - OpenOCD - JTAGkey - your arm target board

Amontec Chameleon Links

Amontec Chameleon POD The generic JTAG interface Dongle
Amontec ARM Debug ValuePack
The easiest way for ARM JTAG and other ARM debug
Amontec JTAG Accelerator
The solution to flash ARM via JTAG at 363Kbytes/sec.
Amontec Chameleon Programmer Configure your POD in the minute with pre-compiled configurations.


The Amontec JTAGkey2 in production. First High-Speed USB JTAG Dongle.

Fully compatible with original JTAGkey but with a faster speed as 4x to 6x faster.

New features:
- Hi-Speed USB 2.0 480MHz
-RTCK (return TCK Clock support)
-30 MHz JTAG TCK Clock

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Amontec JTAGkey :
  the insurance to use
  the right JTAG tool !

Self-powered from any USB HUB: < 85mA from USB

Wide target
voltage range
1.4V to 5.0V

ARM download speed
( OpenOCD via DCC)

max. JTAG speed:

Adopted by the Open
On-Chip Debugger
OpenOCD compatible !


Generic USB JTAG cable interface for:
- On-Chip Debug
- In-System Program
- Boundary-Scan Test
 ... with IO voltage auto-sense from 1.4V to 5V
(5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V TTL IO compatible)

Colorize your JTAG connection:
Flying Lead Cable : JTAG Pinout

One Year
Guaranty !

Amontec JTAG key Features

USB2.0 (full-speed, 12Mbits/sec).
JTAG / IEEE 1149.1 compatible.
JTAG Baudrate up to 6Mbits/sec (programmable)
All JTAG signals are 5V down to 1.4V tolerant
Based on the FTDI FT2232 (FT2232L) USB device.
Designed for FTDI MPSSE easy-to-use.
Free drivers for Linux.
Free drivers for Windows XP, Server 2003, 2000.
Free drivers for Windows CE.NET (ARM/Xscale/X86/others).
USB Hot-Plug / JTAG Hot-Plug.
3 on-board LEDs / your eyes will guide you.
ARM Muli-ICE 20-pin header compatible.
TRST_N output programmable as push-pull or open-drain.
SRST_N output programmable as push-pull or open-drain.
Support for SRST_N software monitoring.
Support for VREF software monitoring.
TDO input over-voltage protection.
SRST_N input over-voltage protection.
USB over-current protection via on-board resetable fuse.
VREF over-current protection via on-board resetable fuse.
Strong ESD protection on all power, USB and IO signals.
Designed for signal integrity, strong EMC, EMI and ESD protection.


JTAGkey is the ideal USB tool for engineers when custom debug solutions and custom test solutions need to be up quickly!

Get the last free drivers:
JTAGkey Drivers for Linux
JTAGkey Drivers for Windows

JTAGkey can remote:
- USB to JTAG interface,
- USB to SPI interface,
- USB to I2C interface and
- USB to GPIO interface
in very easy ways !

unlocking the power of JTAG interface !

Amontec JTAGkey bitstream

"I essentially have a bitstream for my JTAG interface stored in a file. For argument sake let's say it is stored as TMS_TDI_TDO. Therefore, in that file I have a bunch of 1_0_1, 0_1_X etc..."

Amontec JTAGkey Bit Stream console read in this input file the bit pattern , exercise the JTAG interface (JTAG TCK TMS TDI signals ), return the TDO value and finally check the JTAG TDO signal value.

Get last update of

It is free, download it (  and:

On the worst case: many changes - write, read and check 90% of bits
100 Mbits bit stream at 50.077 seconds
using the Amontec JTAGkey-2 at 30 MHz !

amontec-jtagkey-bitstream.exe screenshot

The command :

amontec-jtagkey-bitstream.exe -i C:\usb-jtag-adapter\amontec-test-file.vec -o C:\usb-jtag-adapter\amontec-test-file.csv -c 100000


Amontec JTAGkey SVF Player

Now compatible Windows ( 32 bits or 64 bits ) !!

It is free, download it (  and:

Amontec provides the ‘how-to’ program a XILINX VIRTEX XC4VLX25
7.9Mbits bit stream at 2.6 seconds using the JTAGkey !

Already tested for Xilinx / Altera / Lattice / Cypress FPGAs CPLDs FLASHs ...
Already tested for AVR ATMEGA processor  Have fun with JTAG and SVF !

- upload Altera, Atmel, Cypress, Lattice, Xilinx FPGA / CPLD with your SVF files.
- upload your AVR processor “Serial Vector Format” File.
- run your SVF files for your custom Boundary -Scan board tests.

Linux support will be provided very soon !

amontec-jtagkey-svfplayer.exe screenshot

Xilinx Coolrunner XCR3128 ERASE / PROGRAM / VERIFY -> in 601 milliseconds

The SVF file used to blink the red LED on the Amontec Chameleon POD.

The command :

amontec-jtagkey-svfplayer.exe -svfFile "../svffiles/chm_appl_test_led_blink_prog.svf" -h -pause


Amontec JTAG key Quick Flyers

JTAG key

JTAG Pinout

FT2232 map

logical diagram

3 on-board LEDs






pdfmid   [480k]

pdfmid   [381k]

pdfmid   [454k]

pdfmid   [379k]

pdfmid  [375k]






Demo Software

in Debug World

with GNU Tools







pdfmid   [218k]

pdfmid   [1454k]

pdfmid   [368k]



Amontec JTAG key Drivers for Windows and Linux

All JTAGkey drivers are based around the FTDI D2XX drivers, but dedicated to the official Amontec USB PID (USB Product Identification number).

Operating System

based on FTDI
Driver version

Util version

FREE download


Windows 7 (64-bit 32-bit)
Windows Vista (64-bit 32-bit)
Windows XP (64-bit 32-bit)
Windows Server 2003
Windows 2000


Download last Amontec JTAGkey D2XX driver

1, 2






  1. Before updating any drivers, please make sure to remove your current drivers.
  2. after running setup.exe, see installation user guide for Windows : amt_ann006.pdf
  3. after downloading setup.tar.gz, see installation user guide for Linux : amt_ann007.pdf
  4. If you want to write your own custom software on Linux, please contact Amontec

Amontec JTAGkey and Amontec sdk4arm

“Amontec sdkarm” means Amontec Software Development Kit for ARM !

Amontec sdk4arm is a pre-compiled distribution of the following flow, coming with a complete installer for Windows win32 operating system (w2k, XP) :

ECLIPSE - GNU ARM Toolchain - OpenOCD JTAG server - JTAGkey - your arm platform

Download today the last release of Amontec sdk4arm from here. IT IS FREE !

Amontec JTAGkey Demo software (Windows only)

The Amontec JTAGkey Demo is a FREE software allowing to strike quickly all features of this powerful USB to JTAG cable interface.
The actual version works only on Windows 2000, Windows server 2003, Windows XP via the free FTDI FTCJTAG.dll.
As first uses, the Amontec JTAGkey Demo allows to check the Amontec USB to JTAG cable, even to play and to learn about JTAG mechanism. In fact, the Demo software allows :
- to view the status of the onboard LEDs (a timer updates these LED status),
- to play with TRST_N and SRST_N signal,
- to select the frequency of the JTAG port (from 6Mhz downto ~0Hz),
- to enter or not in the internal Loopback mode of the FT2232,
- to move the JTAG TAP controller in any stable states,
- to view at any times the actual state of the JTAG TAP controller,
- to scan and to check the Instruction registers (IR) on unlimited register length,
- to scan and to check the Data Registers (DR) on unlimited register length,
- to view and store any actions in a Text Memo !

Feel you free to download the setup.exe (060307).

The future of Amontec JTAGkey Demo software is to add features as:
- Linux GUI support,
- SVF writer and SVF player support  for Boundary Scan and for download support of CPLDs, FPGAs.

Amontec JTAGkey and OpenOCD (Windows & Linux)

The JTAGkey is fully integrated in the OpenOCD JTAG server. Both Linux and Windows operating systems are supported by OpenOCD. OpenOCD was written by Dominic Rath.

Get more info on OpenOCD JTAG server from here

Get OpenOCD source for Linux or pre-compiled installer for windows from Amontec, please go to here.

Amontec JTAGkey as USB-SPI link cable

The JTAGkey was dedicated for JTAG interface, but it can still be used as fast SPI interface (SCLK MISO MOSI ...). A SPI link remoted by the JTAGkey can reach a max. 6MBps baudrate !
Please contact Amontec Team for more info.

Amontec JTAGkey as USB-I2C link cable

The JTAGkey was dedicated for JTAG interface, but it can still be used as fast I2C interface (SCL, SDA,  ...). A I2C link remoted by the JTAGkey can reach a max. 4Mbps baudrate !
Please contact Amontec Team for more info.

Amontec JTAG Tutorials and JTAG Application Notes

JTAG boundary scan started as a method of testing ICs and their interconnections using a shift register built into the chip so that inputs could be shifted in and the resulting outputs could be shifted out using only four I/O pins (clock, input data, output data, and state machine mode control). This eliminated the need for complex, expensive, bed-of-nails cards for low-speed probing of IC I/O pins.
Eventually, the uses of JTAG expanded to include things like debugging software for embedded microcontrollers, thus reducing the need for in-circuit emulators. And JTAG is a natural match for downloading configuration bitstreams to FPGAs.


Common Pinouts









pdfmid   [480k]

pdfmid   [952k]

pdfmid   [2254k]



Here is a 145-page ‘IEEE Std 1149.1 (JTAG) Testability Primer’ from TI..

Amontec Team knows JTAG Topic, you don’t need !


Contact   Amontec Team today ...

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