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Chameleon POD

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OpenOCD project

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Generic USB to JTAG Dongle
Based on FTDI FT2232
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Including Official ARM 20-pin Connector ( JTAG Pin-out )
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Now fully supported by OpenOCD JTAG software.
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Software Dev. Kit for ARM
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Amontec Chameleon Links

Amontec Chameleon POD The generic JTAG interface Dongle
Amontec ARM Debug ValuePack
The easiest way for ARM JTAG and other ARM debug
Amontec JTAG Accelerator
The solution to flash ARM via JTAG at 363Kbytes/sec.
Amontec Chameleon Programmer Configure your POD in the minute with pre-compiled configurations.


The Amontec JTAGkey2 in production. First High-Speed USB JTAG Dongle.

Fully compatible with original JTAGkey but with a faster speed as 4x to 6x faster.

New features:
- Hi-Speed USB 2.0 480MHz
-RTCK (return TCK Clock support)
-30 MHz JTAG TCK Clock

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The power of programmable logic start here

block Diagram of the Chameleon POD
worldwide applications of the Chameleon POD
Online Constraint File example (.ucf)



  • Product based on Programmable Logic,
  • Onboard Xilinx Coolrunner (XPLA3) XCR3128XL -VQ100 CPLD,
  • Supporting all parallel port protocoles : SPP, EPP and ECP
  • Onboard 32Mhz Quartz Crystal for active State Machines,
  • 32 multi-purpose IOs on 2 DSUB 25 pin connectors (3.3V and 5V IO tolerant)
  • Onboard Slide switch for configuration mode of the CPLD JTAG Port,
  • Fully compatibile with the IEEE 1284 standard, with an onboard true parallel port transciever,
  • Can be powered via a power jack connector, or over the female DSUB connector,
  • two Status LEDs and one user LED,
  • very robust case,
  • Keep his configuration during a power down!

Why a reconfigurable dongle

-For emulating all specific emulators (BDM / JTAG, ISP, I2C ...) -

On the actual electronic market, new chips like FPGAs, CPLDs, or processors have debug or download ports. Some of these ports are generic and standard as BDM, JTAG, ISP or I2C connections. Other ports are specific to the makers.
All makers provides their own external circuit and their own software to allow you to access quickly to their components. Actual all popular external circuits are based on small parallel port dongles.

In many cases, the software (remote software) of a specific JTAG or BDM access is free. But you will have to buy the specific remote hardware, or you have to spend time and money to build your own.

With the Chameleon POD, Amontec is able to emulate all popular specific dongles based on the parallel port, including passive and active dongles (Macraigor Raven is active and needs an on board crystal oscillator).

Amontec provides a Chameleon Programmer Software including all configurations designed by Amontec and by other designers. All configurations are free.

- a small and low cost dev. board for Xilinx Coolrunner CPLD

When prototyping a new electronic product, you need many times some glue logic around your processors or other circuits. Engineers use breadboards, Amontec uses Chameleon POD!
“You maybe will need to modify a Chip select signal, or need to correct a PWM signal”.
Chameleon POD will do this JOB nicely. Chameleon POD can be used in a stand-alone mode or directly connected to your parallel port for some PC control process.

Amontec provides all documentations for any designers wanting to do a new specific configuration. Documentations, a complet schematic, implementation examples, and Chameleon POD specification.

For any new interesting configuration, Amontec will send you a Chameleon POD for FREE.


connections of the Chameleon POD for all the specific configurations


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