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OpenOCD project

Amontec JTAGkey related links

Amontec JTAGkey JTAGkey2
Generic USB to JTAG Dongle
Based on FTDI FT2232
Amontec JTAG Pinout
Including Official ARM 20-pin Connector ( JTAG Pin-out )
Amontec JTAG Accelerator
Now fully supported by OpenOCD JTAG software.
Amontec sdk4arm
Software Dev. Kit for ARM
Eclipse - GCC - OpenOCD - JTAGkey - your arm target board

Amontec Chameleon Links

Amontec Chameleon POD The generic JTAG interface Dongle
Amontec ARM Debug ValuePack
The easiest way for ARM JTAG and other ARM debug
Amontec JTAG Accelerator
The solution to flash ARM via JTAG at 363Kbytes/sec.
Amontec Chameleon Programmer Configure your POD in the minute with pre-compiled configurations.


The Amontec JTAGkey2 in production. First High-Speed USB JTAG Dongle.

Fully compatible with original JTAGkey but with a faster speed as 4x to 6x faster.

New features:
- Hi-Speed USB 2.0 480MHz
-RTCK (return TCK Clock support)
-30 MHz JTAG TCK Clock

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Pre-compiled GNU tools for ARM / ITíS FREE


We are hosting this page to provide ready access to the GNU tools for the ARM CPU. Amontec is providing web space for the source and executable files, but we take no responsibility for the correctness or completeness of these files. 


 ENTER IN GNUARM and upload at 100Mbps


The GNU ARM toolchain consists of the GNU binutils, compiler set (GCC) and debugger (Insight for Windows and Linux, GDB only for MacOS). Newlib is used for the C library. The toolchain includes the C and C++ compilers.

For a low cost JTAG Debug solution ,you may use Amontec Products:

  • Amontec ARM Debug ValuePack is a very generic parallel port dongle. It is fully supported by GNUARM Toolchain, and fully compatible with Raven and Wiggler JTAG interface.
    More info here
  • Amontec JTAGkey is a undedicated USB to JTAG emulator. It is fully supported by GNUARM Toolchain and by the Amontec sdk4arm, and fully compatible with the OpenOCD JTAG server More info here


ARM is a registered trademark of ARM Ltd.
Apple and Mac OS are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
Provided sources are covered by the GNU GPL and/or LGPL licenses.
GNUARM toolchain and page maintained by Pablo Bleyer Kocik[pbleyer at embedded dot cl]


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